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6th April: Virus Update - So it's Monday, 6th April, and the Covid-19 virus has us in "lockdown". We are urged to stay at home but are allowed to leave for essential shopping, medical reasons, local exercise, or unavoidable travel to "essential" work. People over… ...(Read More)
1st April: Fools Day Cloud? - At about 1140 on April 1st I was busy self-isolating by sitting on the jetty with a cup of tea. It was a sunny morning and small fair weather cumulus clouds were beginning to develop. To my surprise, one of… ...(Read More)
31st March: Atmospheric Tides - After a winter of rain and mobile westerlies we are now under the influence of another intense anti-cyclone. But unlike the one in January this high is centred more to the west of the UK. The chart is for 00Z… ...(Read More)
23rd March: Fix the Pontoon Moorings - Monday 23rd March and I didn't go walking in the park over the weekend since I thought it would be more crowded than during the week. It was the first sunny weekend in living memory, or at least since September.… ...(Read More)

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