25th November: Power Cut!

Monday evening, 25th November, and I fell asleep in front of the TV – something which often happens given that I wake up each day at a very early hour! I awoke disorientated because it was dark and the TV was off and began to think that there was a power cut.

However it turned out that the RCD on the house consumer unit had tripped. It reset at the second attempt and I decided to spend the rest of the evening on Seatern.

On the boat, it was only when I tried to charge my iphone via the USB outputs on the mains socket that I realised that the mains power to the jetty was off. The outside socket on the jetty is protected by an RCD in the shed which was chosen because it had a very low trip current. Nevertheless, usually the house RCD trips either before or simultaneously with the jetty RCD whilst the RCD on the shed’s own consumer unit tends not to trip (although it does test as OK). When I reset the jetty RCD the house RCD tripped again so I had discovered the source of the evening’s power cut!

To determine whether the problem was on the jetty or in Seatern I went to unplug the mains lead between the jetty and boat. The tide was particularly high and I discovered that the lead was stretched taught down into the water having caught up on something below the jetty. I left it disconnected at the jetty plug and in the morning, with the tide out, revered the lead and found the damage shown in the photo.

Having shortened the mains lead to remove the damaged section I reconnected Seatern and adjusted the cable length so that, hopefully, it will not catch up again!