May 22nd: Cleaning the Seafly

Having bought a Karcher K4 power washer to clean Seatern I thought I’d use the Seafly for practice and spent in total parts of 4 day to clean both sides of the underside of the hull and the inside of the cockpit.

Initially I was planning to use water from the river but having seen the amount of fecal pollution on the Friends of Itchen Estuary facebook page I did not fancy breathing in the aerosol produced by the power washer.  Also priming the take-up tube seems very difficult.  The washer only has a 0.5m lift and I could only get it to prime by filling the tube and initially using it without the pressure hose attached.

I’m not enamoured by the Karcher, the instructions for using it are next to useless.  You have to watch various videos. I could not get the pressure tube to attach to the gun and had to phone up the Amazon help-line.  They told me which video to watch!  The high pressure line is stiff and wants to stay curled.  I have bought a longer, hopefully better, one from DirectHoses for doing Seatern.

Cleaning the underside of the seafly still required some hand scrubbing, however it was easier than without the pressure washer.  The latter came into its own doing the inside nooks and crannies although I’m not sure how much paint it also removed!