19 – 26 May: Banned from Sailing – Wind Plots + retail therapy!

The National Health Service have been cutting one or two small bits out of me (I was left out in the sun too much when I was a child – that’s what people did in those days!). So I’ve been told not to strain the wounds and to keep them dry for a couple of weeks. And no sailing which is frustrating since the weather seems to have settled down at last!

I’ve been catching up with the Model Boat Club web site which I maintain. Also having found out how easy it was to make time series plots of the winds I’ve created some for some of last years sailing trips. They are available via the “Summaries” section of the top menu. It’s interesting to see the sort of conditions which resulted in reefing or going to jib and mizzen! Although it might seem I shorten sail quite early, mostly it is because Seatern is at or near hull speed. Loaded with cruising gear, I don’t expect her to plane so carrying more sail would mainly just risk breaking things.

Once I get the stitches out I’ve (as usual) got a list of things to do on Seatern including changing the jib sheeting and roller furling for the mizzen! In preparation I’ve been indulging in some retail therapy – some teak from K.J. Howells in Poole (buying a binocular box at the same time!), some rubber snubbers for the mooring lines, latches for the anchor locker lids, and ratchet blocks and jib track sliders for changing the jib sheeting. Also, since I will be towing Seatern back to West Wales later in the year, a wheel lock for the trailer (Maypole Stronghold 10-14 Wheelclamp) and towing mirrors (Milenco Grand Aero).