Swallow Yachts Raid 2016 Introduction

The 2016 Swallow Yachts Raid took place at the end of June 2016 being based at Mylor Yacht Harbour near Falmouth. These are photos taken by myself, Peter Taylor, while I was crewing one of the safety ribs which was being driven by Matt Newland.

Matt attempts to fix our position using the Swallow Yachts' Astrolabe.

Matt attempts to fix our position using the Swallow Yachts’ Astrolabe.

In the “Images of the Raid” I’ve included some of the photos taken when conditions were poor to try to show what it was like.  However when it was really rough we were too busy in the rib to take photos! The better quality photos tend to be in the individual “Yacht Albums”.

Downloading the photos – Please Read

You are welcome to download the photos and the larger images are adequate for viewing on computer screens and mobile devices.  However if you took part in the Raid and you want to make one or more large prints (e.g. A4 or larger) please  email me quoting the photo number(s) (DSC… or IMG… ) and I’ll email you a file containing a full resolution image.  The quality of the photos varies. If the number starts “DSC” it was taken with a somewhat old digital SLR camera (one I dare risk using on the rib) which still gives reasonable results. The other photos were taken with a waterproof “snapshot” type camera, so the quality is lower… and sometimes there was rain on the lens!

Peter ( Peter@seatern.org.uk )