2020 – year seven!

Cover of my 2020 Seatern Calendar

At the start of the year I created a introductory page and underneath my Calendar cover image I wrote: “Let’s hope for more sailing in 2020!”. Well it did not happen. Covid-19 struck, there were lock-downs, and I decided not to sail Seatern. While I would have been isolated out on the water, if anything had gone wrong and I ended up having to land somewhere other than home it would have been a problem. Marinas were shut down and people could not even view their boats to check them. At least I had constant access to Seatern, kept as she is at the jetty behind my house.

It was not that bad! Being locked down provided time to do jobs which had previously been put off.  The major one was painting the doors and windows on the river side of my “shed”. What could have been a horrible task was actually OK when I was able to take time over doing it because I was not pressured by other things to do.

So here is the story of the first Covid year…