NCI Watches: January – June 2024

Last incident in 2023

This is a summary record of my NCI watch keeping periods and other NCI activities during January to June 2024 kept for my own records.

No. Time Where+ With*
1st Jan 777 10-13 SP 336 1st two watches of 2023, a few swimmers who stayed in a very short time and came out pink… but weather not ideal!
778 13-16
7th Jan 779 13-16 SP 511,204 Induction of new Trainee, car park full on 1st sunny day of year
12th Jan 780 10-13 SP 549
20th Jan 781 13-16 SP 502 with watchkeeper back from Northern Lights cruise
21st Jan 782 10-13 SP 130 incident involving 2 “foil pumpers”
28th Jan 783 13-16 SP 511
29th Jan 784 13-16 SP 273a Monday watch! new trainee
4th Feb 785 booked

+CT = Calshot Tower, SP = Stone Point (Lepe Country Park)
*the index to people is password protected