Work Trips (often combined with a holiday)

In 2020 the Covid-19 pandemic kept me ashore for the season and I decided to add to the Seatern web site some descriptions of past times for which I have photos – mainly for my own enjoyment!

On some of my trips abroad for work conferences and committee meetings I took time off before or after to do some travelling. This is a record of some of those trips; I’m adding more as I find the photos.

I should emphasise that travel costs were paid by the International organisations sponsoring the meetings and that where I took off time to travel it was from my annual leave allocation and the extra costs were paid by me!

1975: Seattle Summer - My first visit to the USA was a NATO sponsored summer school at the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington State. (read about it)
December 1979: Australia (IUGG) - In 1979 the General Assembly of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics was held at the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra. It was my first time in Australia and I remember the strangeness of waking up the first… (read about it)
Jan. 1980: Biltmore Hotel, Los Angeles, and Claremont - The 1980 AMS Annual Meeting was held at the Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, California. (read about it)
March 1980: Pasadena… SeaSat-JASIN - During 18-26 March 1980 the Jet Propulsion Laboratory hosted the SeaSat-JASIN workshop at what was then the Huntington Sheraton Hotel in Pasadena, California. The first decade of my research career had been dominated by trials for, and the organisation of,… (read about it)
Sept. 1982: Monterey, California - I had a meeting at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, and took the opportunity to visit Cannery Row. (read about it)
April 1983: San Miniato, Italy - An international workshop on Satellite Altimetry and Ocean Circulation was held at San Miniato, Italy, in April 1983. The meeting was organised by Dr Tom Allen who had worked at the NATO Labs at La Spezia and who had connections… (read about it)
October 1983: Corsica, France - A week long NATO Advanced Research Workshop in Corsica, France, with a boat trip to one of the islands between Corsica and Sardinia. (read about it)
August 1985: Oahu, Hawaii, USA - Attending the Joint IAMAP/IAPSO Assembly in Hawaii in August 1985 and a couple of days driving around the island of Oahu with Nicky. (read about it)
February 1986: India and Nepal - In February 1986 I attended the fourth session of the Scientific Steering Group for the "Tropical Atmosphere Global Ocean" experiment... "TOGA" which was held at the India Meteorological Department, New Delhi. Nicky came with me and we took the opportunity… (read about it)
April 1991: Japan - A three week trip to Japan with Nicky for an IGOSS Seminar and Workshop followed by a visit to Sendai as a guest at Tohoku University, a sightseeing stay in Kyoto, and a visit to Nicky's friends in Nagano. (read about it)
Oct. 1994: Texas to New Mexico - A road trip in October 1994 from Paradise, Texas, as far west as Gallup, New Mexico, and back to Dallas-Fort Worth in Texas for the flight home. During the trip we kept brief daily notes. There are not many photos.… (read about it)
May 1998: Colorado and Utah - A two week road trip (following a meeting in Boulder, Co.) visiting Leadville, the Mesa Verde Cliff Dwellings, the Arches Park, and Canyon Lands (read about it)
March 2000: Tokyo, Japan - A week in Tokyo attending the WCRP Joint Scientific Committee and seeing a wedding at the Meiji Shrine, cosplay in Yoyogi Park, and the Dragon Festival at the Sensoji Temple during the weekends. (read about it)
May 2000: New Mexico Road Trip - A week driving around New Mexico before a scientific editorial meeting at Cloudcroft, NM. Also walking into Juárez in Mexico from El Paso. (read about it)
February 2002: Goa, India - A two week trip to Goa, India, with Zoe where we stayed in Panjim and then at Dona Paula while I attended the JCOMM Ship Observations Team meeting at the National Institute of Oceanography. (read about it)