Swallow Yachts Raid 2018 Introduction

The 2018 Swallow Yachts Raid took place in early July 2018 with the base at Mylor Yacht Harbour near Falmouth in Cornwall. The photos were taken by myself, Peter Taylor, while I was helping on one of the safety ribs.

The other, orange, safety rib was doing the race timing so was usually near the head of the fleet. Our other, grey coloured rib was usually near the back of the fleet making sure everyone was OK. As a result more of my photos are of the larger boats, the BayCruiser 23’s and 26’s, which started some six minutes after the BayRaiders. If your boat was not photographed so often it’s probably because you were up ahead in the fleet!

I’ve sorted the photos of the “raid action” into morning and afternoon albums for each day. These are some of the best photos since they often feature several boats at close quarters. Look at them first! I’ve also created albums of the photos which only show one boat – but remember, the best photos of your boat may be amongst the “raid action” albums!

Downloading the photos – Please Read

You are welcome to download the photos and the larger images are adequate for viewing on computer screens and mobile devices.  However all the images on this web site are of reduced resolution.  If you took part in the Raid and you want to make large prints (e.g. A4 or larger) please  email me quoting the photo number(s) (DSC… ) and I’ll email you a file containing a full resolution image.  The quality of the photos varies. Some were taken with a long telephoto lens and may be grainy.

Peter Taylor ( Peter@seatern.org.uk )