13th June: Moved the boat trailer!

Having spent the last year chocked up and taking up almost all the back garden, Seatern’s trailer has now been moved to an off-road parking space. In just over a week I’m taking it to have brakes fitted. My best estimate for the weight of Seatern when actually equipped for sailing is about 645kg; Swallow Boats say the trailer weighs 200kg, so that makes around 850kg – well above the 750kg unbraked limit. What’s more my Berlingo Multispace (1.6 HDi turbo) specs limit it to 650kg for an unbraked trailer (for a braked trailer the 1100 kg is the limit).

I managed to pull the trailer out of the garden by myself but neighbour Jon helped me walk it around to the parking space. The trailer only just fits in length – and that’s with the back “number plate” extensions retracted. When braked, I understand it will be longer – I hope not too much so! Once again I’m glad I have a BC20 rather than a BC23. Where to put a trailer was not one of the things I thought about when choosing Seatern. But an extra 3 foot in length would have been even more of a problem.