7th-12th Dec: New ‘Mobile friendly’ web site format

The poor sailing weather continues. Almost every day has a force 7 or greater in the forecast and usually rain as well! On the 9th I took advantage of an unusual calm start to the day to get the sails back on Seatern. With slightly less strong winds forecast, the idea is to have Seatern ready for sailing. However at present this all seems very optimistic!

[NB the following refers to the previous format for this web site, not the one that you are presently viewing]

Meanwhile I’ve been converting this web site to what I hope is a more mobile friendly format. I can’t test it on lots of phone and tablets so if it doesn’t work well for you please tell me. I’ve decided to use the same default format for viewing other on a phone or on a desktop computer. Options are available to go back to the previous, desktop designed, page layout (look in the [site info] menu) if the new layout doesn’t work in your browser.