27th July: Mainsheet track – Seatern from the water

Mainsheet Track: I took a neighbour who wants to learn to sail out in my “Sea Lightning” dinghy yesterday and was reminded how light the helm is compared to Seatern. One way of reducing the weather helm on Seatern should be to let the mainsheet track car down to leeward when beating in any wind. However I’ve been tending not to use the track because it is hard to get the clamcleats fitted by Swallow Boats to grip the control line after I make an adjustment.

I decided to replace the original cleats  with some camcleats with metal guides so that I should be able to adjust the car position more easily. It will still mean leaning aft to cleat the line, but once cleated it should stay held. The new arrangement is shown in the top photo.

[Note added 2nd August 2014: I tried out the new cleats sailing to and from Bembridge Ledges on the 31st July and they were a great improvement. As I hoped, letting the car out to leeward while beating seemed to lighten the helm considerably (unless I was imagining it!).]

Seatern from the water: The weather is hot (approaching 30°C) so before the tide went out I decided to go swimming and tried taking photos of the underwater part of Seatern’s hull. Those were not successful, but I did get some above water photos of Seatern from an unusual angle!