Comments on Equipment after 1st Year

N.B. Note About Security

The web page containing my Equipment Summary lists all the gear I originally chose for fitting out Seatern. Most of it was purchased during summer 2013 while Seatern was being built. The photos show how the cabin has changed (it’s all really light weight, honest Matt!). During the first year I sailed or motored over 700 nm. So, one year in, what was a good choice and what was not?

I’ve classified my choices as follows..

= good; I’m very happy with what I chose.

= good, but… ; I’m happy but another time I might do something else;

= not satisfactory; I’ve changed to something else or don’t use it.

= not sure yet; I haven’t used it enough to know!

I’ve split the gear up into a number of categories and also added comments on the variations which Seatern has compared to the standard BC20 specification…

Cockpit and Boat Handling gear Outboard, Tiller Pilot/Tamer, Ballast Pump, Winch, Anchor, Cockpit grating and seats; Inflatable dinghy
Instrumentation and Electronics AIS and radar transponders, Nav lights, Instrumentation: Wind, Meteorology, Speed and heading; Chart plotter; NMEA multiplexer; VHF radio.
Power, Domestics and Entertainment Electric Power, Stove, Cabin Heater, Refrigeration, AM/FM radio, TV, Cabin Alarms.
BC20 “Options” Ordering options extra to the standard BC20 specification.
Seatern “Features” Special features incorporated in during the build.