2nd July: Southampton Water Sail

[Wight E 4 or 5 bec var 4, showers; SB to LR: E 4 bec var 3 or less, fair; HT Pmth 1519 4.3m; out 1300 back by 1800 LT 2034 1.45m]

Looking at the pressure charts it seemed like a light wind sail with the possibility of more experience with the asymmetric. Jon came with me and we left the jetty at about 1315 once there was enough water to float. Motored down to beyond Woolston jetty before raising the sails. The forestay was tangled with the jib, possibly because I had the mast down at the jetty yesterday looking at the lower shrouds. Once everything was sorted we started tacking outside the greens and Jon had a go at helming.

He was starting to get the hang of helming when the wind veered and dropped. I took over and when the wind increased again it remained veered so we were no longer tacking to progress along Southampton Water. I got the asymmetric ready to set before we tacked for home, however the wind stayed veered and the gusts were a bit more than I dare risk with the wind on the beam so we stayed under tan sails!

Decided to try going up the river under sail but the wind was going light and variable so having passed Woolston jetty we started the outboard and got the sails down. Back at jetty by around 1710 and all secure by 1725. Track: 13.1 nm