5th -25th August: Jetty repairs

The first, outer-most wooden beam was hoisted in place on the 5th and braced with acrow props. Each of the drain-pipe/reinforced concrete piles rests on a concrete pad and is bolted to the beam. The photos were taken on the 15th and 17th August when all the new piles except one were in place. By the 26th the first bean is finished. It has been done quite quickly given that Mark is working on renovating Gavin’s new house (which was little Lou’s) 4 doors upstream of where I am. And of course, the work has to be fitted in with the times of the tides.

In the top photo the sagging flimsy beam in front of the new beam is what is holding up the staging which is in front of the shed. When the work is done I plan to use the acrow props to give that some more support!