1st Year: Seatern Special Features

Boom Detached
Boom Detached

These are my comments after the first year on features which are special to Seatern
= good; = good, but… ; = not satisfactory; = not sure yet;

Mast lowering system This consists of a cabin top mast plate, lower shrouds in line with the mast, boom gallows (see below), a self-tailing fore-stay winch, and a detachable section of sail track to which is attached the boom and sail bag containing the main sail. I was sceptical about the detachable track but it works well and I now routinely raise or lower the mast to go under a bridge whilst underway.
Aft boom gallows As installed by SB the boom gallows was not strong enough in the fore-aft direction. Now strengthened, it is useful not just for holding the boom when the mast is lowered, but as a site for aerials, and as something to hold onto when stepping or unstepping the mizzen mast or when using the transom ladder.
Cabin Bulkhead and galley arrangement Specified after seeing “Daisy Grace”, the bulkhead gives a useful vertical surface as well as dividing the cabin areas. The sink drains into the centreboard case and is normally covered with a board to give a useful galley layout and is normally covered with a board to give a useful galley layout. The worktop extends to the centreboard case giving space for the spirit stove with a useful cupboard beneath. Very pleased with the result.
Triple Wash Boards The standard is two. I think three works much better since they are easier to install and remove when the spray hood is up. They are also easier to store.
Forepeak area Having discussed with Matt, I enlarged the openings into the forepeak “lockers” and removed the covers to give two foot wells. The portable toilet lives in the starboard one and a small fridge in the port one.