Tuesday 28th June 2016

1153 (IMG_2459)
1153 28th June 2016

On the 28th June a small secondary low brought rain and strong winds to the southwest of England.  The course set was from a start between the ribs anchored off Mylor Yacht Harbour southwards to round Northbank buoy. Then northwards up the River Fal to round the visitors pontoon at the start of the Truro River before returning to the “Smugglers” landing stage at Tolverne Cottage for lunch.

Gusty winds and a period of heavy rain during the morning cleared during the lunch period as the cold front brought welcome sunshine but even stronger winds. After a hectic start away from Smugglers in the afternoon, most participants were forced to go into “survival mode” rather than race!

During the morning the rib was being positioned for a journalist to take photos, although the rain made photography difficult. After the start from Smugglers in the afternoon, we quickly became too busy to spend time taking photos!  Below are some images taken with my waterproof “snapshot” camera to give an impression of the first part of the day.