31st Aug: no sailing!

I can’t believe that I’ve not got out sailing during August! I was in two minds about going today but the wind was light and then it turned out the neighbours Zoe and Jon were leaving for a few days today rather than tomorrow. I’m looking after their chickens so I decided to stay ashore so as to check where everything is now being kept.

The lack of sailing has been because the weather in August has been poor and the work to put new piles under the shed is on-going. It is taking a while because Mark is really supposed to be working on Gavin’s house, plus fitting in the work with the tides. I didn’t really need to be on hand most of the time, but a couple of occasions it was useful. We got the second, landward, beam into position on the 28th August (Bank Holiday Monday). It is presently held up with one pile, two acrow props, and my ancient jack. Three piles remain to be fixed in place and one of the holes has been dug. Each pile goes into a fairly substantial concrete foundation. Meanwhile installation of the first new beam is complete and hardwood wedges have been hammered into place with expanding glue to ensure they don’t easily work loose. The photos show the present state of the work.

This weekend it’s the Model Boat Show at Milford-on-Sea, and early next week I need to firm up arrangements for the Seafin charter so it’s not looking promising for the start of September as far as sailing goes!