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2nd July: Cleaning Seatern - I had last careened Seatern in June 2021 and I managed to do some sailing that year.  In March of 2022 I had started cleaning Seatern ready for the sailing season and had treated some of her teak with boracol… ...(Read More)
23rd June: WWII at the Palais des Vaches - For the D-Day 80 Anniversary a new sculpture was unveiled at Lower Exbury and the Palais des Vaches art gallery mounted a WWII at Exbury exhibition.  I visited twice during the period that the exhibition was open to the public,… ...(Read More)
15th June: “Ave Atque Vale” sculpture - On my first visit to the WWII exhibition at the Palais des Vaches I walked down through the field to view their new sculpture "Ave Atque Vale" meaning "Hail and Farewell", an appropriate name given the location as a embarkation… ...(Read More)
15th June: Round the Island Race - [Photo Album for the event] The first start in the 2024 Round the Island race was at 06:00 with further starts up to 07:20.  The Country Park opened early (05:30?) , probably because Solent Rescue wanted to be on the… ...(Read More)
Round the Island Race – Photo gallery - Photos of the 2024 Round the Island race taken from NCI Stone Point (mainly before the station opened officially!). Initially the weather was overcast with rain squall limiting visibility and the wind increased to force 7. ...(Read More)
10th-12th June: Richard Mille Cup - (This post is a place holder) ...(Read More)


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