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And the rest of 2020…? - Looking at my "Diary Entries" and "About Seatern" it looks like I've lost interest in the world! Not true, so what have I been doing? About Seatern: Since I decided not to sail this year there's been little to add.… ...(Read More)
21st November: Wind Surf Board Incident! - At about 1400 one of the Lepe Country Park rangers visited the NCI Stone Point station to say that while he'd been down at the "D-Day Remains" area looking for a lost dog he'd seen a wind-surfing board and sail… ...(Read More)
18th October: Paddle Boarders Incident - I was acting as "Buddy" at the Stone Point Coastwatch station on Sunday, 18th October 2020, as two paddle boarders set off from Lepe Beach around the time of high tide. At the time two members of the Lymington Coastguard… ...(Read More)
18th September: Painted French doors - Having finished the desperately overdue task of painting the riverside windows of the shed, I was conscious that the living room French doors needed attention. They had originally been treated with Sadolin Stain but that was showing the effects of… ...(Read More)

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