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30th Jan: Centurion Industrial Park - On 2nd October 2023 I recorded the start of work at Centurion Industrial Park across the river from my house. By today, 30th January 2024 they have more or less completed the concrete wall. I can't say it is a… ...(Read More)
21st Jan: Incident with Foil Pumpers - On watch at NCI Stone Point on a windy day just before Christmas we were observing someone who appeared to be efoiling. However when he landed on the beach we were surprised to see that the board did not have an… ...(Read More)
20th January: Sailing Rig Diagrams - At our last DFS assessment (May 2023) one criticism of NCI Stone Point was that we did not have a sailing vessel recognition diagram.  I initially copied the one at Calshot Tower,  however I thought something better was needed so,… ...(Read More)
2024: Recover or not? - So 2024 is starting.  My health is still not 100%.  Last year I had various tests including an MRI scan which was interesting.  They give you headphones to allow you to listen to music or (in my case) the radio… ...(Read More)
26th Dec: Yacht Racing Buoy adrift - On Boxing Day afternoon I was doing a lone watch at NCI Stone Point.  The weather was poor and although we had had some swimmers in the morning (who turned very pink after a quick dip in the water) there… ...(Read More)
24th Dec: Windsurfer “incident” - I arrived at NCI Stone Point ready for the afternoon watch in time to witness the tail end of an "incident".  A member of the public had phoned the Coastguard to say that there was a windsurfing board off Lepe… ...(Read More)


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