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9th January: Goose Barnacles! - While on beach patrol from NCI Stone Point on the morning of Monday, 9th January, I came across a pallet wedged on the remains of a breakwater near the high tide mark.  I went to move it up past the… ...(Read More)
5th January: Why I’m glad I left BT - Monday 5th December 2022: I phone BT and tell them I will be no longer using BT from the end of my contract, that is from the 4th January onwards.  I had to wait to this date because BT ends… ...(Read More)
NCI Watches: January – June 2023 - This is a summary record of my NCI watch keeping periods and other NCI activities during January to June 2023 kept for my own records. ...(Read More)
2023: Any Sailing? - In 2022 I never managed to shake off the symptoms which I have attributed to having caught covid-19 in March of the year. Mainly getting tired legs even after relatively short walks and, more serious with regard to sailing, a… ...(Read More)


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