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6th August: Mullet in the river - Another period of hot weather is starting and I caught the ebbing tide for a late afternoon swim. Drying myself on the jetty I was entertained by the grey mullet (at least I assume they are the "Thicklipped Grey Mullet",… ...(Read More)
July 28th: Half the shed painted! - I moved into the house in 1996 and until 2010 the river frontage of the end-of-jetty "shed" was how it had originally been constructed. But facing the river it is very exposed to the elements so in the summer of… ...(Read More)
NCI Watches: July – Dec 2020 - This is a summary record of my NCI watch keeping periods and other NCI activities during July to December 2020 kept for my own records. On 18th March all NCI Stations were closed due to the Covid-19 virus outbreak. From 1st… ...(Read More)
So what’s happening in the USA? - [I downloaded the data and plots for this at the start of July but then have been distracted by other tasks so I'm finishing writing it up at almost mid July. Meantime the coronavirus situation in the USA has got… ...(Read More)

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