25-26 Sept: Sea Lightning!

On the afternoon of Monday 25th September I donned my dry suit and careened my Seafly to clean the bottom of the hull. At first I tried to use the lightning mast to pull her over but in the end found it was easier without. That was because the tide was in and with the Seafly afloat she tended to jam against the old tyre fenders on the jetty. There was more weed than I was expecting although, looking back now, I find it was May when she was cleaned before so some weed was to be expected.

On Tuesday 26th I rigged her as “Sea Lightning” – that is using the Lightning 368 mast and sail from when I had the single-hander dinghy – and had a short sail. There wasn’t really enough wind, however at least it reminded me how the, somewhat unconventional, rig is all arranged.