14th February: Beach walk from Hill Head

From Hill Head (top left) to Salterns Rd car park. “x” marks location for photos. Image is a combination of Google Maps (sea) and Apple Maps (land).

A mild Valentine’s Day so I drove over to Hill Head, had lunch outside at the Titchfield Haven Nature Reserve cafe and then walked along the beach towards Lee-on-the-Solent.

In the beach region between the Salterns Road outfall (from which the photos were taken) and the Shack coffee hut the near-shore shingle banks are really very pronounced. It would be embarrassing to have Seatern caught in one of the pools on a falling tide if one went close into shore to try to dodge the current!

Looking NW towards Hill Head Calshot Tower (arrowed in the enlargement) is dwarfed by the Fawley power station beyond.