Days gone by: Totland Paella

A couple of weeks ago a friend, “E.T.”, gave me some prints which he had recently scanned. They dated back to an event, probably in 1997, when a group of local owners of “historic boat” owners organised a trip to Totland Bay. I went with Bob Forsyth, a skilled boat builder, and E.T. on Bob’s wooden yacht “Gudrun”. An over-night party featured a huge paella cooked on the beach and the following day “breakfast” at a nearby pub. This was my first real experience of the St. Denys drinking culture in which, for a time, I was to become all too adept. I’ve also added a photo from 1998 of Gudrun at my jetty while Bob worked on her. This was in 1998 and we’d rebuilt the river end of the jetty in preparation.