12th June: Seawork 2019 Exhibition

Went to the Seawork exhibition, mainly to look at the ships! First vessel was the Damen shipyard Tug “YN 571727”; I guess it gets a proper name once sold! I looked at the Skylift platform a couple of years ago, but it still remains impressive. The structure on board labelled “Flood Defence” is a type of caisson – you enter at the top and work inside the bottom of the tube.

Some of the RIBs had three, or even four, huge outboards. More environmentally friendly was the launch built for the Port of London Authority which is an Electric/Diesel hybrid.

There was no one on the NOC stand when I arrived so I turned the volume up and listened to the NOC video. The display was dominated by “Wire-Wall”  with a model which you could squirt water over.

Apparently they were running a “cardboard boat” competition. The Boulangerie Baudouin entry looked particularly professional!