5th August: Finished the Shed!

It’s taken a long time but I finally finished painting the shed river frontage! Having finished the right-hand side, which is exposed to the elements, the left side which is under a canopy was relatively easy. The original coating was still intact except where knots in the wood had bled resin. These I scraped back and applied three coats of Bedec Stain Block (the first diluted).

Then I masked off the glass pains and applied two coats of Bedec Barn Paint. It should probably have had a third but the wood is protected and I just couldn’t face up to it!

Also I was conscious that the longer I left the masking tape on the harder it would be to remove. It seems to stick to the glass where the tape has been exposed to direct sunshine. So tape which has had paint on it, or where the tape is double thickness, comes away clean but elsewhere the glue seems to have melted and fused onto the glass. White spirit seems to be a good solvent and the masking tape can be eased from the glass using a knife dipped into white spirit.

In peeling the masking tape off I scored the paint with a knife but still it came away in two or three places which I still have to patch in. The paint data sheet says it takes one month to fully harden so it will be interesting to see what it looks like then. It’s brighter than the original paint I used and I’m hoping it will tone down slightly with time. While I was finishing off I noticed how good the heather was looking this year, I think it must like all the hot weather we’ve been having.