24th May: Stone Point Weather Station

When the temporary National Coastwatch station was sited at Stone Point in Lepe Country Park I advised against having a weather station attached to it because most of the time the anemometer and wind vane  would be in the wake of the trees. However the site for the new “permanent” station is much better exposed.

Having offered to help set the weather station up, I went out to Lepe on the morning of the 24th May and fixed it to a pole attached to the southwest corner of the building. Due to the length of the available pole, the anemometer is closer to the roof than I would have liked but it should be well enough exposed to indicate the correct wind force, which is all we record. If anything, the slope up from the car park and the proximity to the station building should mean that the anemometer will over-read for the prevailing winds which means the error will on the safe side.