9th July: new NCI Stone Point

On Saturday, 9th June watches began at our new Coastwatch station, NCI Stone Point. Here is a photo essay showing its creation.

Lepe Country Park was happy for us to occupy a new site giving a better view of Lepe Spit, the most serious hazard within the Park area (photos: 23 Jan 2022).

The scrub “hedge” was removed in late February to early March before the birds might start nesting within it.

Meanwhile, during March 2022, the station building was under construction at Kingston Building Solutions.

Lepe Country Park is within the New Forest National Park and the planning permission for the new station required that it be fully removable with no foundations set into the ground.  On the morning of 5th April adjustable supporting pads were put into place and laser levelled in preparation for the arrival of the cabin that day.

On the 5th April the new station cabin was delivered by truck and lifted into position using the truck’s crane.

As delivered the new station still required much fitting out and connecting to mains electricity before it could be used.

Fitting out the station was a significant task, not made easier when it was vandalised by graffiti soon after installation at Stone Point.

The original plans for the electricity connection had to be changed so, as a temporary measure the supply to the old station was re-routed to the new one.

Swapping the electricity supply forced the move into the new station somewhat quicker than planned! The following Tuesday the station was completed by the addition of a sea facing sign.