2024: Recover or not?

So 2024 is starting.  My health is still not 100%.  Last year I had various tests including an MRI scan which was interesting.  They give you headphones to allow you to listen to music or (in my case) the radio to try to stop any feelings of claustrophobia.  However compared to some of the caves I’ve been in the MRI scanner seemed quite spacious!  But the tests served to show what was not wrong with me;  I think I have to accept it is a form of “long covid” and that the medical world does not know what to do about it.  Let’s see if I recover in 2024.

Still 2023 was a very good year for watching sailing, mainly from NCI Stone Point.  The Richard Mille trophy entrants were spectacular.  Here are the photos I have used for the 2024 calendar: