Aug. 10-17th: Cowes Week from Lepe

It had been decided to operate the new Coastwatch Station in Lepe Country Park, NCI Stone Point, throughout Cowes Week. Normally it just operates on weekends. However the number of watchkeepers volunteering for Stone Point in addition to their watches at Calshot Tower  was very limited. I’m keen that Stone Point is a success so volunteered to do a watch each day during Cowes Week. An ulterior motive was the chance to take photos of the racing at a point where the Solent is less than 1.5nm wide.

Saturday 10th Aug: An autumnal storm in August prevented sailing either yesterday (when I might have gone out) or today (when SailGP were supposed to be racing). I was in Calshot Tower in the evening; practically no one was on the water but a succession of cruise ships departed [view Diary Entry].

Sunday 11th Aug:Still windy but SailGP went racing, Lepe provided a good viewing point, the US boat capsized, the UK boat nose dived [Photo Album].

Monday 12th Aug: Most of the racing was somewhat remote from Lepe, however Solent Rescue were on exercise with the Coastguard Helicopter [Photo Album].

Tuesday 13th Aug: Perhaps the best sailing weather of the week. Several races went down towards Hurst and returned showing a vast display of spinnakers [Photo Album].

Wednesday 14th Aug: Wet and windy; from Lepe we couldn’t see the Isle of Wight!

Thursday 15th Aug: Still windy but not strong enough to cancel racing [Photo Album].

Friday 16th Aug: Yet another windy day and sailing action near Lepe Spit Cardinal Mark before the weather deteriorated in the afternoon [Photo Album].

Saturday 17th Aug: With few yachts in the area, the tide race off Lepe Country Park was taken over by windsurfers.


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