18th September: Painted French doors

The doors badly needed attention!

Having finished the desperately overdue task of painting the riverside windows of the shed, I was conscious that the living room French doors needed attention. They had originally been treated with Sadolin Stain but that was showing the effects of the weather. The doors are made of a good hardwood but it has a deep grain pattern which looks really bad when wet from the rain.

Starting work.

Admittedly, since the back of the house faces the river the doors are very exposed to rain bearing southwesterly winds. But I was not happy with how well the Sadolin had lasted and I did have lots of Bedec Barn Paint left over from doing  the shed so I decided to use that. I realised it would not look that good, wood stain would look much better, but protection is more important than looks!

Hopefully the colour will tone down!

I sanded and scraped off the remains of the Sadolin before masking the glass and painting with three coats of the Barn paint. As anticipated, I don’t like the way it looks; perhaps I should paint the windows to either side – or at least the one that can be seen. However wet weather has set in so that will have to wait for a possible future lockdown!

Doing the doors took a few days between 8th to 18th September.