14th February: Erosion at Lepe

(based on my post on the NCI Calshot Blog) On the rare occasions when an east or southeasterly gale occurs, waves created out in the channel can travel into the Solent and reach the beach at Stanswood Bay. The effect of the waves created by arecent spell of strong easterly winds is now evident at the D-day remains east of Stansore Point in Lepe Country Park  where much shingle and sand has been washed away.

The many “chocolate-block” beach hardening mats, and the ramps used for launching the Mulberry Harbour units constructed at Lepe, are now clearly exposed. Some of the D-Day remains have been under-cut by the erosion and extra care is needed when walking in the area.

Between the lower car park and Lepe Spit the cliffs show signs of fresh erosion. One small tree has fallen to the beach and other areas are undermined and look ready to fall!