March to May: Photos from some walks

With the new lockdown during January and February I didn’t do much walking in Southampton. Not doing so much exercise allowed me to cut my weight from 11st 8lb to 10st 6lb – much more my fit weight.

Yeah! I’ve been jabbed!

I definitely believe that exercise makes one fat… the problem is it is all too tempting after a bit of exercise to reward oneself with some gastronomic treat with far more calories than the exercise has burnt off! Not that I was totally idle since doing beach patrols at Lepe Country Park provided a little exercise, especially when walking beyond the “D-Day” remains to the end of the Park.

Having had my first vaccination at the end of January, and with the covid-19 infection rate and the lockdown regulations easing, I started walking again locally in March. Below are some photos taken during local walks.