18th July: Cleaned the Seafly

It’s time I made more use of my Seafly again so I spent some time cleaning her down. I also used some clear CT-1 to reattach the rubber running strake where it had come away and replaced the shock cord for the toe-straps. The swan family seemed to find the operation interesting!

Mainly I just rub her down with sea water and elbow grease. I have to admit for a few stubborn spots I use a tiny bit of Waitrose Cream Cleaner, but I am careful to minimise any of it going into the river. I’m sure it’s not harmful in the poisonous sense but probably it would act as a nutrient and therefore it is a potential pollutant.


Note added 14th September: I’ve since sailed her a couple of times with her “Sea Lightning” rig. The first time I’d forgotten how to rig her and used the Seafly rig kicking strap with the result that the mast would not swivel as far as it should and I had difficulty bringing her into the pontoon! Got it worked out now though!