8th August: Fastnet Race

Skorpios - Fastnet 2021 winner

On Sunday, 8th August, I arrived at Lepe Country Park early for my afternoon Watch at NCI Stone Point to watch and take photographs of the start of the 2021 Fastnet race.

Strong winds were forecast for the day so the starting order was changed with the largest yachts starting at 1110BST and then the small classes at 15 minute intervals until 1230BST, the aim being to decrease the number of competitors arriving at Hurst Narrows at the same time. However the result would have been that the smaller yachts arrived in the Needles Channel with the wind against and increasing ebb tide!

As it was, at least one competitor was dismasted near the Spirit of Adventure cruise ship which was at the anchorage across the Solent from out NCI Stone Point station. Line Honours at the Cherbourg finish were taken by Skorpios, the largest competitor with a hull length of 125′ (140′ overall!).  Click for my photos of the event!