11th October: Lower shroud photos

Somewhat belatedly I found a Facebook “Messenger” request for details of the lower shrouds on Seatern and took some photos. The lower shrouds exist to steady the mast as it is raised or lowered, something I have to do each time I sail in order to go under Northam bridge. They are attached to the cabin top abeam of, and level with, the mast hinge point. That means they stay taught even when the mast is not fully raised – unlike the main shrouds which go slack.

When sailing I undo the lower shrouds because otherwise they foul the jib sheets. Since the lower shrouds do not hold the mast under load they are simply bolted through the cabin roof. They certainly make a difference; once when lowering the mast at the mouth of the River Itchen I forgot to fasten them back in place and the mast was waving about alarmingly! I quickly raised it again in order to fasten them.

The square “filling cap” object in photo (a) is what the chimney for the cabin heater is screwed into when it is in use.