19th October: Seafly flies, swan walks!

A windy October day but still mild… around 18°C. I had my “Sea Lightning” dinghy almost flying across the river in some of the gusts. Great fun.

Looking at the wind data from the jetty it looks like the gusts were reaching 12m/s (24 knots) and the mean winds were up in the 12 to 16 knot range. That is plenty to have the Seafly hull planing fast despite only being powered by the Lightning “storm” rig – about the size of a laser radial. I was quite stiff for a couple of days afterwards!

A few days later when I went to bail out any rain from the seafly hull I was amused to see that a swan, walking over the mud,  had taken the shortest path… straight over the pontoon and the Seafly foredeck. It might have wiped it’s feet first!