23rd May: Effects of Covid

Although when I had covid at the start of April it only seemed like a cold/cough, I’m still feeling the after effects. My legs feel tired if I walk any distance and sometimes I can feel slightly off balance. It’s getting better… early in May there was one day when I felt particularly bad and spent the afternoon watching TV. Fortunately it was the 8th May which turned out to be David Attenborough’s 90th birthday so I was able to watch a series of  “Attenborough’s Passion Projects” programmes which were more interesting than all the furry animal ones!

However despite the gradual improvement I’ve not felt capable of sailing singlehanded and hence have rather lost the incentive to get Seatern ready. I’d treated much of the port side teak with boracol back on 22nd March and started work on strengthening the aft deck, but I’m afraid it all stopped with getting covid-19. Hopefully I feel more energetic soon. However I’m still alive and having had 3 injections plus the illness, I feel I should be reasonably resistant at the moment!

This year I’ve adopted a new gardening regime, not because of covid, but in the hope of helping the pollinating insects. Basically I’m letting the weeds grow (with a little bit of control) and it’s actually looking quite nice! Here are some more photos of the front garden, the thrift in the back gardenb which has liked the lack of rain this spring, and (as an extra) a yellow Iris in the Lepe conservation area.

Note added 9th June: Yesterday I walked up to the University to talk to my contact for the bursary I’m funding as a contribution to the University’s Ignite programme. The bursary provides funding to help towards study costs for an undergraduate student from a disadvantaged background. By the time I got to the University I was feeling exhausted and by the time I’d walked home again I felt like I’d spent the day hiking, not just done two 30 minute walks. I really am still feeling the effects of covid!