18th, 24th & 29th September 2022: Gaffers off Lepe & Calshot

We see various “old Gaffers” while on watch at NCI Stone Point, but the 24th September was special with Jolie Brise being driven hard, the Pegasus, and the S.S. Shieldhall passing by.  I assume there was a race on, but didn’t find the details.  The gaff cutter Pegasus was built by the Bristol Classic Boat Co. on Redcliffe Wharf and launched in May 2008. Designed specifically for Sail Training by Ed Burnett she is based on the design of Bristol Channel Pilot Cutters.  Apparently she has a very strong construction of oak frames and larch planking, with bronze knees.

Then, on 29th September when I was filling in for a shift cancellation at NCI Calshot Tower there was the spectacle of the Jolie Brise fully rigged and the somewhat more modern Red Jet 6 (?) going past the Tower.  It looked like there was people in the net under the bowsprit (as I had been when I went on her!).