9th April: Palais des Vaches and the Saltings

On 9th April I was once again booked for the first and last watchkeeping shifts of the day at NCI Stone Point.  Between the shifts I visited the Palais des Vaches art gallery to look at  their Spring show.  Within the galleries what stood out for me were the paintings by Neil Canning which, to me, evoked sailing and the sea.  Unfortunately he is an established artist so they were not cheap, though I am rather tempted!

But highlights of the visit were, first, that the door to the “sculpture field” was open so I could have a close look at rectangular abstract sculpture which, following a Google image search, I now know to be “Stand Together” created by Gary Boulton.

The other highlight was the opportunity to go into the field where there is a Tudor gun battery and a garden seat with a view down to the saltings.  Paths had been mown through the long grass and visitors seemed to be using them so I took the opportunity to venture down to the grassy point at the end of the salterns, and what the OS map calls “St Margarets Creek” which one of our watchkeepers says he has kayaked along.  In the photo album I’ve coupled the view with the aerial photo from the Apple Photos “app”.