18th April: Defibrillator course

The joystick for the CCTV at Stone Point has lost connection with the NVR. It seems it has lost the needed IP number etc. Finally last night I got a phone call from the Moore Secure main engineer, and, knowing I had a CPR/defibrillator course to attend in the afternoon, I went to NCI Stone Point early and managed to get it back working.

With a bit of time to spare I had tea and a scone and a quick walk around Exbury before going on to the Scout Hut.

The CPR/Defibrillator course run by Meon Valley Heartstart was very good.  Modern First Aid instruction has been much simplified compared to most of the courses I’ve had in the past.  The newer CPR dummies light up to indicate blood flow to the brain, but it needed quite violent pumping to succeed.