Cowes 2021: When it goes Wrong!

Given the number of yachts and the close racing I’m surprised that there are not more accidents. Whilst on duty at NCI Stone Point we witnessed yachts aground, and spinnakers come to grief. On the radio we heard of a Flying Fifteen holed in a collision, and a yacht dismasted soon after the start of the Fastnet race. In most cases the people on board were able to handle the problem, although one yacht aground had a lifeboat standing by until she refloated.

Here are photos of some incidents I witnessed.


Brief Grounding, Saturday 31st July: With competitors forced to tack against the current it was not surprising that at least two yachts went aground in the shallow water east of Lepe Spit. Here is one such incident which reminded me of racing in the Menai Straits in North Wales where avoiding an adverse current was an imperative!

Other Yachts: the one aground on Quarry Ledge (west of Gurnard Ledge) was towed off by the motor launch. The one off Gravelly Marsh (west of Gull Island) waited for the evening tide.

Spinnaker problems (Thursday 5th August)

We’ve all been there!…

Late drop!…

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