Cowes Week from Lepe Country Park

Lepe Country Park might not be thought of as a place to view Cowes Week. However it is the closest place to Cowes on the mainland. Stansore Point is less than 2 nm from the Royal Yacht Squadron HQ in Cowes and is even closer to Egypt Point. Those who want to get as close as possible can walk out on Lepe Spit if the tide is right. However, for your own sake,  please don’t wade off the Spit. The currents can be very strong and the seabed shoals steeply on the western side.

Most of my photos of Cowes Week are taken with a powerful telephoto zoom lens. For anyone interested, I use a 300 to 750 mm (35mm equivalent) zoom on a Sony Alpha 350 body which has image stabilisation. So the yachts do not appear so close to the naked eye as in the photos. But a good pair of binoculars or a telescope will get you close to the action.

Here are a few photos which try to capture the feeling of watching Cowes Week from Lepe Country Park.

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