2nd April: Lepe House Garden

Summer Time commenced on the 26th March and NCI Stone Point commenced a three watch routine with hours 09-12, 12-15, and 15-18. Initially at least we are struggling to staff all the shifts so on 2nd April I ended up booked on the first and last shift of the day. However I had already decided to visit Lepe House Garden which was open under the National Gardens Scheme that day so that provided something to do between shifts.

My hope was to find out more about the WWII Lepe (or “Q”) Hard which was below the house.  In the event all I really discovered was that the original Ship Inn was sited at the southwestern corner part of the present house and, I was told, that part of the house definitely seems older when inside.

It was a cool day so, being between watches, I was wearing my high-vis NCI jacket.  An elderly lady asked me what National Coastwatch was and we got into conversation.  I found that, being Charlotte de Rotheschild,  she knew more than I had expected about the House and Garden!  The gardens were indeed lovely with a cliff-top walk giving views of the Beaulieu River entrance.  However they must be very exposed to southwesterly storms.