12/13th July: Cleaning the Seafly Hull

A neap tide and cooler weather encouraged me to start getting the Seafly back into a fit state to use. During the last neap it was too hot outside to do any strenuous work.  The poor boat has gone almost exactly 2 years (since 18th July 2021) without being cleaned. and she is showing it!

Having previously paddled the Seafly around to the hardstanding, on the 12th July I hoisted her onto her side and used the morning tide to clean down the starboard side of the hull.  As usual I just used a scrubbing brush to clean off the mud and then a washing up pad with river water to rinse off. For the most stubborn stains I use a spot of cream cleaner but minimise any going into the river since it would presumably act as a nutrient.

I was worried that the tide on the 13th would not be enough to float the Seafly so I used the evening tide to turn her around and left her hoisted against the jetty overnight.  As it happened, there was a bit of a surge on the 13th so once the remaining part of the port side of the hull was cleaned I was able to lower her onto the water and paddle her around to the side of the pontoon where I keep her.