27th March: 1. Drivers Wharf to Dibles Wharf

Part of a series of photo albums of the wharfs taken during a cruise trip [ read introduction]. Numbers in the photo captions indicate the DSC number of the original photograph.

1. Drivers Wharf to Dibles Wharf: west side of the Itchen going downstream from Northam Bridge: Drivers Dry Stack, scrap metal on Princes Wharf, Saxon Wharf (inc. Oyster Yachts), Oil Spill response on Millstone Point, Shamrock Quay Marina, Bakers Wharf, Ocean Quay Marina (Elliots Wharf, James Wharf) and Dibles Wharf.

[ Introduction ] [ 1. Drivers Wharf to Dibles Wharf ] [ 2. Ballast Wharves to Crosshouse Hard ]
[ 3. Crosshouse Hard to Ocean Village, then Woolston ] [ 4. Up river to Woodmill ]