Disneyland and Watts Towers

Before the Seasat-JASIN meeting, Nicky and I visited my friends in Claremont, just east of Pasadena. They took us to two very different “attractions” in the LA area, Disneyland and Watts Towers.

At Disneyland their children were frightened by some of the rides. We reassured them in the queue for the “Pirates of the Caribbean” that it would not be scary, and tried not to look at the notice over the entrance which said  “Abandon all hope ye who enter here” …or words to that effect!  [private photos at Disneyland]

Photo Gallery: Disneyland…

The Watts Towers were impressive. Amazing structures with echoes of Gaudi’s designs in Barcelona. Having only previously heard of Watts through news reports of the 1965, I was also surprised by the neighbourhood. Although no doubt poor by US standards of the time, it did not have the feel of a “slum” as I would think of one in the UK.

Photo Gallery: Watts Towers…

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