Waikiki Beach and The Wall

The Waikiki Wall

At the north end (Waikiki) end of San Souci Beach, Kapiolani Beach becomes Queen’s Beach which is separated from Kuhio Beach by the “Waikiki Wall”. The Wall is actually a stone built pier beyond which Kuhio Beach is protected from the waves by a breakwater running parallel to the beach front. Inshore this provides a calm area for children to play safely. On the ocean side, the breakwater, and the “Wall” create surf breaks which, when I was there in summer, provided good waves for surfing using Boogie Boards.

Boogie Board surfing

In 1985 Boogie Boards were not common in the UK. I sometimes used a traditional plywood surfboard, as used on Cornish beaches, and swim fins to catch waves in deep water. Using that technique i had once got “tubed” in the reef break at Kimmeridge Ledges in Dorset, a memorable experience. In Hawaii I bought a Bougie Board and fins and used it at the Wall. If the wave was big enough it was possible to surf right over the alongshore breakwater into the calm lagoon beyond. However there was a critical moment at which one had to decide whether to try that or whether to leave the wave before you got crashed into the breakwater!

Waikiki Beach

Beyond the protected Kuhio Beach is Waikiki Beach proper. Both beaches are backed by high rise hotels and the beach are was always much busier than further south in Sans Souci Park. You could hire surf boards, book yachting trips, and buy Hawaiian sun lotion from beach vendors.

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