Boulder and the Rocky Mountain National Park

Boulder is (or at least was, it might have changed by now!) a laid back place which, despite being located near the centre of a continental land mass, enjoys a relatively pleasant climate. Summer heat is limited by the altitude; to reach Boulder from the UK arrive at nearby Denver “the mile high city” as a large sign on the terminal building at the old airport proudly proclaimed. Winter cold is ameliorated by the meteorological effects of the Rocky Mountains, directly to the west.

On at least one evening during my meeting, I think possibly more,  Zoe and I picnicked outside the historic Chautauqua Auditorium listening to the music coming from inside whilst watching thunderstorms traversing the Great Plains which stretch away to the east.

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Following my meeting we made a day trip to the Rocky Mountain National Park which is northeast of Boulder. In one photo Zoe is sitting at a view point which was a short uphill walk from the parking area which you can see below. We were joined there by a group of American teenagers who, we were amused to see, were puffing and panting due to the high altitude effort much more than ourselves!

Photo gallery: Rocky Mountain National Park…

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