In Cape Town

The Breakwater Prison where we were staying was close to the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront and we used restaurants there. Apparently the convict inmates had been used to build the harbour breakwater, hence the prison name.

It amused us to think that Queen Victoria had had an affair with Alfred, behind Albert’s back, but it turns out that Alfred was her son! Also in the waterfront complex was the Two Oceans Aquarium which had a remarkable kelp forest.

The Cape Town Stadium is two blocks west of the Prison and one evening we sat at our room window listening to U2 playing at the stadium.

Photo Gallery: The Waterfront and Aquarium…

On one occasion we walked along the shoreline going west/southwest from the docks around Green Point and towards Sea Point. There were some impressive waves coming in from the South Atlantic Ocean.

Photo Gallery: Towards Sea Point…

For most of the time that we were in Cape Town I was busy at the JSC meeting but Zoe had a chance to look around and even stayed on for a day or two after I left staying in a backpackers hostel.

Photo Gallery: Around Cape Town…

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