Prainha Resort and Cottages by the Sea

Our “cottage” room.

Having decided to move from Panjim to Dona Paula we initially looked at the Dona Paula Beach Resort which offered a nice hotel room with sea view on a rocky promontory.

However we settled on staying at the Prainha Hotel where we rented one of the “cottages” with a view through a palm tree grove to the Arabian Sea. The hotel grounds opened onto a secluded (but not too clean!) beach.

View from our veranda

The “cottage was the upper floor in semidetached terrace building with folding doors opening onto the verandah and, inside,  a glassed partition separating the sleeping area from a living room. There was a path through the palm trees to the swimming pool area with an open air bar. From what I can remember the Hotel did not seem busy with guests.

Another sunset from the Bar!

The hotel entrance had a guard on duty, I assume to stop guest being pestered by hawkers, tuk-tuk drivers, and similar. NIO was just down the road, almost next door. Despite that, after I had given a seminar there the Director insisted that I be driven back to the hotel in his car. This was one of those white Hindustan Ambassador cars with flagstaffs on the front wings and zebra fabric on the seats, and a uniformed chauffeur driving. When we entered the gate of the Hotel the dozing guard sprang to attention and saluted!

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