Towards Dona Paula

While staying in Panjim we headed out past Miramar and along the Caranzalem beaches to Dona Paula to check where I would need to go for the meeting.

We visited the Dona Paula headland where the “water sports” centre looked to be a favourite with Indian tourists. There were some road repairs in progress and someone was letting off fire-crackers. In comparison to the busy jetty area the old British Cemetery was a haven of tranquility. Apparently Britain occupied Goa  from 1799 to 1813.

Going out to Dona Paula gave me second thoughts about having to do the journey each day, and we loked at the alternative accommodation that might be available. We were offered a room at the Dona Paula Beach resort (see photos below) which looked out over the rocks to the Arabian Sea. It would have been a nice place to stay but in the end we chose the cottage room at the Prainha Hotel [diary entry] with its sea view through a grove of palm trees.

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